What is the purpose of this app?

This tool helps junior developers who want to join the industry by creating a central place to organize programming practices in professional team settings.

To date, we support:

  • scheduling pair requests and providing feedback after pairing
  • participating in async standups for team projects

Who would benefit from this app?

Currently, members of the Agency of Learning benefit from this app, as we use it internally to manage our team projects.

However, as we develop more features, we expect to open access to other organizations who are interested in managing team practices while emphasizing mentorship for early-career developers.

How do I contribute to this app?

We have open issues created on our Github Repo. We generally prefer people who are part of the Agency of Learning to pick those up because we would like for you to work in pairs with other developers. You can submit an application to the Agency of Learning here.

Can I show contributions I have done to future employers?

Of course! This was the main purpose for creating this app. We want you to be able to showcase your skills and show code that is being used on a real app that other people are using.

What is a Design Doc and where can I view what others have written?

You can view a sample design doc that goes through the steps needed to create one here. You can view the design docs that are currently in progress and completed here.