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Agency members stand out from the crowd

A small selection of our members and what they're saying about The Agency

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"The Agency of Learning provided me with the next building block in my transition into a career in software development. It had the structure I was looking for to boost my confidence about my next step. With guidance on open source issues I could participate in, access to seniors and folks already in the industry to help get unstuck, The Agency supercharged my network."

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"Man, I kind of feel like I struck gold when I applied to this program."

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"A strong culture of mentorship is vital for ensuring the future of our community. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Ruby professionally for almost a decade now and want to make sure that’s a future available to others."

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"I'm 100% convinced that this is how we cultivate the next generation of truly powerful software engineers."

Being a junior dev is lonely

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Joining a developer community helps you meet peers, get advice, get unstuck, practice tricky situations, and grow your network.
Mentorship and collaboration are also very hard to find when you’re solo.
That’s what The Agency of Learning is for.

Member Benefits

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Real code, real peers

Work together on software projects on a team with other developers. Get feedback on your code from experienced engineers. Talk to users.

Mastermind Community

Gain access to our private Discord community to connect with other members, attend daily standups, ask questions, get unstuck, and grow your skills.

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Career Services

Get job ready with resume review and coding exercises. Wow your first employer by learning how to give great verbal and written status updates.

Hiring Partner Network

We'll feature you in our periodic outreach to our hiring partners - a small, motivated network of companies looking to hire early career talent.

Two developers sitting across from one another, engaged in a productive conversation.